Do you overuse the crown emoji and wish there was another way to elevate your text groups to royal status? Fear not: KATEMOJI and MeghanMoji are almost here.


Inspired by Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, artist Cathy Yu has released two new apps featuring the royal women in emoji form, both to be released Wednesday. Each app contains more than 100 emoji stickers, animated emojis, and hand-letter word/phrase emojis.

藝術家Cathy Yu的靈感來源于凱特·米德爾頓和梅根·馬克爾,將于周三發布兩款新的應用程序,主要是皇室女性的emoji表情。每款應用包括100多個emoji貼紙、卡通emoji和手寫的單詞/短語emoji。


MeghanMoji features some of the Duchess of Sussex’s most iconic moments, from her first kiss with Prince Harry as husband and wife to the couple cuddling under an umbrella during their tour last fall.


The app also imagines some of the pair’s life behind the scenes, like practicing yoga together and sipping a glass of wine.


Meghan’s rescue dog, a beagle named Guy, also makes a few appearances, including an image of the pup wearing a blue sweater featuring the Union Jack.


Prince Harry also poses with nephew Prince George, and some of Meghan’s favorite purses and shoes get their own emojis.


KATEMOJI highlights the Duchess of Cambridge’s favorite role: as a mom of three! Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis all make appearances, including George’s memorable moment meeting President Barack Obama in an adorable bathrobe.


Kate’s images also include memorable scenes from royal wedding in 2011 and her holding up a camera, as she has a passion for photography.


There are also some imaginative shots blending her royal life with her everyday duties, like wearing a face mask as well as a tiara and pushing a shopping cart while sporting a full-length gown!